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What Is A Strength and Conditioning Coach?

by Scott Wolfe in Courses, FitLearn News

How can you earn more money by adding Strength & Conditioning to your skills?

When you’re a fitness professional, you get used to being lumped in under the “Personal Trainer” banner. Let’s face it, most members of the public (including your own family!) don’t really know the difference between PTs and specialist coaches. But you know there’s a massive variety of specialisms within fitness.

If you’re interested in sports performance and the limits of the human body, you might want to add “S&C Coach” to your range of skills. Here’s why you should consider it (and what you need to know).

What Does A Strength & Conditioning Coach Do?

S&C is traditionally used in competitive sport, coaching sportspeople to be perform better on the pitch or on the field. But the terminology has made its way onto the gym floor and into gen pop training.

Strength and Conditioning coaches prescribe advanced exercise techniques to help clients improve recognised areas of physical performance, including speed, power, and strength.

As a S&C Coach, you are likely to end up working in the sports and performance side of the industry rather than within a regular gym. You will be closely involved in the development of athletes, helping them avoid injury, rehab effectively, and have successful seasons (and off seasons!)

Personal Trainer vs S&C Coach

There are big differences between a PT and a S&C Coach. A S&C Coach needs to have solid PT training and experience. But his or her knowledge goes beyond Personal Training.

The main difference between a PT and a Strength & Conditioning coach is the type of client they will work with. A PT is likely to attract gen pop men and women who want to lose weight, improve body composition, or get healthier. A S&C coach will work with more advanced trainees who have a solid background in sport. This kind of client will be focused on improving specific areas of athletic performance for team sport, semi professional sport, or elite sport. S&C coaches might also work with highly-motivated gym clients who really want to push their results on to the next level, but this is unlikely to be your goal if you complete a recognised S&C Coaching qualification

What Kind Of Clients Does A S&C Coach Work With?

> team sports players

> strength and power athletes

> track and field athletes

> aspiring sportspeople

> semi pro or pro athletes

> college athletes

> off season athletes

How You Can Earn More Money As A S&C Coach?

A Strength & Conditioning coach has gone through extra study and qualifications, and worked with a range of athletes and sports people. This means they are at an advanced stage in their career, and can command higher salaries.

S&C coaches can work within sports-specific gym facilities. They might be employed by a sports team as part of the coaching staff. They could also work freelance as self-employed S&C coaches specialising in a particular sport or area of training.

Next Steps In Your Education

If you’re fascinated by helping talented athletes take their performance to the next level, S&C Coaching could be the perfect job for you. The next step is finding a good CPD course for the necessary qualifications. You must make sure your S&C Coaching course is recognised by REPs and CIMSPA, and respected by the industry as a whole. When you get out into the workplace, don’t let your choice of qualification hold you back.

Our Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach course which allows you to register with both REPs and CIMSPA.

Ready to get started? Take a look at our Level 4 S&C Coaching qualification and take your career in an exciting new direction.